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Leslie Sabbagh

Email: leslie.sabbagh@scicom.org

P.O. Box 43248

Cleveland, Ohio 44143

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In June and July 2005, while embedded with the 50th Medical Company, 101st Airborne, Air Ambulance (Eagle Dustoff), she flew on numerous day and night Medevac missions out of Camp Taji, Iraq, and is writing a book about that experience.

She recently completed a four-month tour of Iraq, on assignment for Popular Mechanics, Reader's Digest, and Christian Science Monitor. She toured with the Marine Corps in Al Anbar province, and the Army Corps of Engineers in Mosul, Erbil, Dahok, Kirkuk, and Sulaymaniyah. Leslie has accompanied the military and Provincial Reconstruction Teams on many presence, civil affairs, and combat patrols and has visited many reconstruction projects.

The former editor of Review of Refractive Surgery, Leslie has also observed and reported on unique emerging surgical procedures.

Recently, she was an invited speaker addressing senior military medical

staff during the Uniformed Services University of the Health Services' 23rd

International Surgical Day, Bethesda, Maryland.

Leslie Sabbagh is a science journalist specializing in aerospace, the military, and medicine. She has flown multiple missions with NASA including icing research, high altitude solar cell research, suborbital microgravity, and satellite de-orbit and recovery tracking missions. On the first three, she took active roles in data gathering.

Preparing for solar cell calibration mission, flying with NASA Glenn Research, Cleveland.

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